Indian Rupee Symbol in Excel Cell Format

In this small article I will show you how to format a Cell to represent Indian Rupee Symbol in Excel.

As I have explained in my previous post how to create a Indian Rupee Symbol by using Private character editor. Same symbol can be used to format Cell in Excel.

Steps to follow ->

Click Start -> Run -> Type charmap.exe


Double click on the Indian Rupee Symbol and Click the Copy button

Open excel file.

Select the cells to format

Right Click on cells and Select Format Cells…


Click on Custom Category

Click on the Type Textbox and Press Ctrl + V to paste Indian Rupee Symbol


Format the text as shown below


Click Ok


That’s it.

24 thoughts on “Indian Rupee Symbol in Excel Cell Format

  1. pls help me. I can use symbal though only in font type of ` (upper key of tab) not in excel format cell. I think I need something more software to add Indian rupees symbal.

  2. After Double click on the Indian Rupee Symbol and Click the Copy button. Then we have to Click on “Start” then “Control Panel” then “Date,Time,Language, Regional Options” then “Change the Numbers,Format, Date & Time” then “Customize” then “currency” and Click in the currency symbol box and Press Ctrl + V to paste Indian Rupee Symbol and then OK.
    Note: After that whenever you format an excel cell as currency when you fill up the number INR symbol will display automatically. (May be this will help to operators) Khans

  3. Can you please help me to format a Cell to represent Indian Rupee Symbol in excel. I have read your artical but I cant do that way.

  4. When I press Ctrl + V it is pasting ` only not rupee symbol. Although I have already installed the Rupee font in the system. Please help.

    • hi can u pls help me how to add the rupee symbol in excel, i followed above steps instead of pasting symbol it pastes “`” (upper the tab key). and also i have this font but when i see formula bar it shows “`” not the symbol in excel. pls help me

      • If you have followed all the steps then Rupee Symbol will be available in Character Map.

        Select the Created Symbol from Character Map Instead of pressing the key “`”.

    • You need to select the Symbol in Character Map and then Click on Copy button as shown in first image of this post…
      then paste it in Custom Type Textbox of Format Cells Dialog box..

      • @MSCoder: I installed the symbol via Word first and then followed similar steps for Excel. However when I started with Charmap…. the Rupee symbol doesnt appear to select and copy. Please help. Ive already spent the last 1 hour cracking my head on this. Its super urgent.

  5. Hi,
    Good day..

    How to use the Rupee symbol in Excel for calculation purpose as dollar symbol selection.

  6. Thanks for the idea. But it is working only in Windows xp. I tried to do the same in Windows 7 but it is not working. Please help.

  7. thanks @ mohammed ameen. ur idea work properly.
    configure in windows control panel is better. by which we can choose format cell > currency in excel. it’s simple

  8. Thanks. Only addition is that to convert cell range to “Rupee” font, otherwise it shows like “` “

  9. Sir While trying to type rupee symbol in charmap.exe. while maping it got currepted how can i install new charmap.exe file. can u help me out.

  10. i have followed all the steps but it makes symbol of ” ` ” and when i want to change font in “ruppe” it does not appear in font option.what should i do ?? plz help me

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